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  • Tuesday; December 06, 2016

    Driving riffs & surreal imagery.

    Sultry, electrified rock 'n roll. The fourth video from The Window is awaiting your eyes to peruse it. Don't dissapoint yourself.

    GOTO: "Blinded By The Headlights" music video.


  • Friday; September 23, 2016

    Some dirty rock and roll.

    All along I've known your dirty little secret. You're camouflaged like a soldier in the night... This was one of those songs that was so easy to write ...that it was a blur. That's when I know that it's right. That's when the magic happens. I'll just say that I'm pretty sure I spent more time working on the music video than the song itself. We spent a whole lotta days shooting, editing, etc. One afternoon we were shooting some of the story scenes in downtown St. Pete and at one point I turned around and there were two guys shooting video of us... shooting video. I think... at that point I had the pinata aimed at a clock on a street corner. One of those shots we didn't end up using. Ha. Too funny.

    Ironically, although this was one of the last songs written for the last CD in the Through The Door series, this is NOT the last video we will be releasing for the series. We have FIVE more to go. It is however, the one we are releasing NOW. Enjoy.
    GOTO: "Dirty Little Secret" music video.


  • Friday; August 13, 2016

    The Foot Speaks Again....

    Through The Door series: a new addition. We travelled back one album for the new video, "One Foot Out The Door", to claim some unfinished business. So here it is for your perusal. Dig.

    This is definitely one of my favorite songs (that I've ever written) and boy does it have a sleazy groove.

    GOTO: My YouTube Channel.
    GOTO: CD website.


  • Wednesday; June 29, 2016

    A Video From The Outside.

    Ethereal blues rock song: "Outside Looking In" is the second music video from The Window. The bulk of this video was shot outside a music store of all things. Sam Ashe Music Store (Clearwater, FL) is situated next to a beautiful set of working roman fountains. I've wandered this garden many times comtemplating purchases. It's a great place to make up your mind... and it's a truly beautiful place in an of itself. Enjoy the video and some pretty trippy green screen effects (which kinda went outside the norm).

    GOTO: My YouTube Channel.
    GOTO: CD website.


  • Monday; April 29, 2016

    The Window. Here. Now.

    This is the third and FINAL part of the Through The Door series. It's a circus out there and we are looking at it through the dirty panes of The Window. The entire series is available at all of your favorite online digital retailers AND as hardcopy (CDs) in some places. I bet you know how to find it. Ha. ...Enjoy.

    GOTO: Full album stream.
    GOTO: My YouTube Channel.
    GOTO: CD website.


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