The Media Vault: Photo Gallery.
All of the photos are by Chris Eisenbraun (unless otherwise noted).

Photos released with a CD tend to be located on the CD site. This page contains picts from before and in-between AND links to those other galleries.

Ybor City Edge, Tampa FL - Photo Shoot

CD: Darkest Before The Dawn
Posted: September 8, 2012

This set of photos were taken on the perimeter of Ybor City (Tampa, FL), A space on the edge of this part of town, around Thanksgiving time. It's so much easier taking photos when it's not 10,000 degrees outside.

Always Been A Rolling Stone- Video Shoot

CD: Just An Emotion (JAE)
Date: March 6, 2012

These are still shots from the video for "Always Been A Rolling Stone". These photos were taken randomly by the video camera. Sometimes you get shots that capture you in a really bad facial expression but these are ok and they are REAL.

MORE: JAE photos

Howling Wind/Blue Sky - Photo Gallery

CD: Under The Howling Wind, Under The Clear Blue Sky
Published: June 2011

There are three sets of photo on the media page for this album. Pick, click and enjoy.

Go to: Howling Wind,
Blue Sky galleries

Second Wind - Photo Gallery

CD: Second Wind
Published: March 2010

There are three sets of photo on the media page for this album. Pick, click and enjoy.

Go to: Second Wind photo gallery

Ghost Notes - Cover Shoot

CD: Ghost Notes
Date: July 4-6, 2008

These are some of the cover artwork photos for Ghost Notes. I think that I was very happy because I'd just gotten the guitar pictured (the Washburn).

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