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This page is for anyone who ONLY wants media dedicated to a particular album AND... who wants to GO DIRECT.

We ran into a small problem because we haven't taken ANY of the CD sites down... there is a LOT of media accumulating all over the place. Some of it is generic, some focused JUST on a particular release. THIS is the page is where you can shortcut DIRECT to the media that was created JUST for THAT release.

Just An Emotion

CD: Just An Emotion (JAE)
Released: Feb. 28, 2012

A double CD release, the songs run the gamut from blues based rock songs to melodic, singer/songwriter performances. Download stuff created specifically for this album >> everything is on the one page...

Go to: JAE Media

Under The Howling Wind/Under The Clear Blue Sky

CD: Under The Howling Wind / Under The Clear Blue Sky
Released: June 2011

This double CD release features guitar-driven instrumental AND (vocal) rock songs. The media created for this release includes the very first music video from Gary Eisenbraun, an outtake and more. Don't miss the music pages and the free mp3s!

Go to: Howling Wind/Blue Sky media

Second Wind

CD: Second Wind
Released: March 2010

Guitar-driven, blues influenced, rock 'n roll music AND more. This is the very first CD website to feature ANY downloadable media created just for the release. PLUS: the music page features some free mp3s!

Go to: Second Wind media

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