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Night in the Ruts.
This album represents a turbulent time when the band was falling apart at the seams, in a haze of drug (and ego) abuse. Halfway through the making of the album Joe Perry walked out. By their own admission, the band doesn't remember a lot of what they did. Now, all that having been said, this is one of their finest pieces of work. Ever. "Chiquita," "Three Mile Smile," and "Cheesecake" have monster riffs, while the blues of "Reefer Head Woman, " and "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" ARE the sleeze that Aerosmith is built on. Tyler is a truly amazing performer, effortlessly hitting high notes all night long while Joe Perry is CLEARLY one of the top ten guitarists in Rock 'n Roll. The band probably has very bad memories surrounding this album, but they should be proud of what they created.

p.s. Cudos to Whitford, Kramer and Hamilton, who often don't get the credit they deserve.

posted: sometime before 2007 <lol>.


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