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Streets Songs Of Love.

Alejandro Escovedo is one of the most under appreciated great songwriters of all time. Churning out great music for decades, this 2010 release combines storytelling excellence, interesting song arrangements, and a punk energy that is incredible for a man who has been doing it for so long. This is all pretty crazy for a guy in his 50s (now in his 60s), who almost died of hepatitis C ten years ago.

Highlights of Street Songs Of Love are numerous and includes rockers "Tender Heart", "This Bed Is Getting Crowded", and "Silver Cloud". On this album you will also find deep rich emotive works like "Down In The Bowery" (with Ian Hunter on second vocal), "After The Meteor Showers", "Fall Apart With You", "Anchor" and "Shelling Rain". Throw this album on and marvel at a master writer/singer/songwriter who still has something to say and who says it in such an articulate way ... it's very inspiring. You gotta wonder why the real guys don't get more respect.

He also has a great fan in Bruce Springsteen, who does a cool second vocal on the track "Faith".

posted: March 21, 2014.


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