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REQUIRED LISTENING: a musician's personal notes about favorite artists.

Motivational Speaker.
Alvin Youngblood Hart is one of the most interesting of the new breed of blues artists. His diverse recorded work traces a path from 20s & 30s folk blues through 70s soul music and, in Motivational Speaker, culminates in a rocking amalgamation of hard rock + blues + country.

"Big Mama's Door (might return)" gets it all started with an amped up John Lee Hooker groove, while "Motivational Speaker," "Stomp Dance," and Free's "The Worm" are pure psychedelic rock. Add to that, "In My Time of Dying" (with former Black Crowe Audley Freed) which is hypnotic and Zepplin-esque. And there's more...

Alvin Youngblood Hart has always had the ability to play many different styles and never seems to do what is expected. Definitely not an artist who likes to go gently into the box. This CD is the most thoroughly enjoyable one he's done so far.

posted: December 2005.


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