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REQUIRED LISTENING: a musician's personal notes about favorite artists.

Burning Sky.
Burning Sky is the sleaziest of all of Bad Company's albums (and that's a GOOD thing <g>). My appreciation of the dark feel of the songs deepens and grows as the years accumulate.

Paul Rodgers bluesy attack is always right on and he is still one of my favorite singers of all time. Mick Ralphs approach to guitar playing was always one of economy, but very effective nonetheless. The rhythm section of Buzz Burrell and Simon Kirke also have a "less is more" approach that powers rockers such as "Leaving You," "Burning Sky" and "Heartbeat" while the laid back soul of "Morning Sun" and "Like Water" is what made Bad Company so desirable. The track "Too Bad" might have the best first second of ANY song I've ever heard. All Bad Company albums are GREAT but this is the one that's most appreciated.

posted: May 2005.


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