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REQUIRED LISTENING: a musician's personal notes about favorite artists.

This Magnificent Distance.
When I heard of the breakup of the Black Crowes, I was certainly bummed because, in my mind, they were the BEST rock and roll band of the 90s. But this passing has allowed Chris Robinson, Black Crowes former lead singer, to release two stellar CDs (New Earth Mud and This Magnificent Distance). As I write this, the CD is only a couple of weeks old but I find my appreciation for it growing with each listen. Robinson's mix of rock, folk, jazz and soul is unpredictable and several of these songs send chills down my spine. Chris Robinson's words are both poignant yet mystical and his voice has the soulful quality of Bobby Womack and James Carr with a rock and roll attitude. "Girl on the Mountain," "Like a Tumbleweed in Eden" and "If You See California" have a laid back quality that was rarely found in the Crowes music. This CD clearly has more of a band sound than Chris's first disc (New Earth Mud). Guitarist Paul Stacey co-writes and co-produces ...and together the musicians take the songs to a higher level. Give This Magnificent Distance a chance. I think it has the possibility to be one of the best releases in recent memory..

posted: July 2004.


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