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REQUIRED LISTENING: a musician's personal notes about favorite artists.

Long Way Around, an Anthology (1991-2000).
Chris Whitley is a freak. He hears the world in a totally different way than everyone else. His blend of Delta blues, Hendrixy poetry, late night jazz and off-the-wall pop sensibility is like a rich summer breeze across today's desolate music scene. This anthology is a great synopsis of his music. From the stripped down "Home is where you get across," "Bliss to Breakdown," and "A Pint of Lotion," to the sonic tapestries of "Narcotic Prayer," "Aerial," and "Wild Pagan Love"...Chris Whitley uses exotic guitar tunings and wild dynamics to actually take you somewhere. His lyrics are pure poetry, plain and simple. Everywhere you look, he shows a new side of himself. For the uninitiated, this collection is a great starting place.

NOTE: In 1998, at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, a week's worth of concerts took place honoring Robert Johnson. It was reported that no one captured the mood of Johnson like Chris Whitley.

Update: Chris Whitley passed away November 22, 2006. What a loss.

posted: July 2003.


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