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REQUIRED LISTENING: a musician's personal notes about favorite artists.

Brother was the first of two records put out by this Raleigh (NC) based band. It was a breath of fresh air at this time (early 90s) to hear SOULful, hard rock (a la Free and Humble Pie) performed in a new context.

Cry of Love was led by Audley Freed whose talent as guitarist/songwriter propelled this band. The crunching riffs and fiery solos of tracks "Highway Jones", "Too Cold in the Winter", "Gotta Love Me" and "Peace Pipe" make the songs JUMP out of the speakers! So much of the music of that period sounds dated nowadays, but Brother escapes this trap by relying on bluesy riffing and SOULful singing. All that makes this is an enjoyable listening experience.

Audley Freed later went on to join the Black Crowes, where he was a natural guitar foil for Rich Robinson.

posted: March 2007.


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