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REQUIRED LISTENING: a musician's personal notes about favorite artists.

Unfinished business.
Guitar freaks know who Danny Gatton is but sadly few others do. Rest assured, if you've never heard his music, he was incredible and a legend in Washington (DC). Danny Gatton, along with friend and rival Roy Bucannan, purveyed a unique telecaster style -- rich with double stops, mind blowing harmonics and awesome technique. Danny's ability to blow through Les Paul styled Jazz ("Cherokee" and "Homage to Charlie Christian"), create crying haunting melodies ("Melancholy Serenade" and "Sleepwalk"), and play out-of-this-world telecaster vamps ("Fingers on Fire" and "Notcho Blues") defied conventional thinking about what a guitarist could do. He played with ferocity, tension and a sense of humor. It's a shame that he never achieved the success that he so deserved. This disappointment led him to take his own life (1994). What a shame. What a waste.

posted: August 2004.


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