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461 Ocean Boulevard.
This release came during a tumultuous time in Eric's life. Because Eric had been lost in a heroine addiction, he hadn't recorded in three years so this was thought of as a comeback album. At the urging of Pete Townsend, Eric picked up the guitar and found the Blues again. Eric Clapton combined re-workings of Blind Willie Johnson's "Motherless Children," Elmore Jame's "I Can't Hold Out," Robert Johnson's "Steady Rolling Man," Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff," and Johnny Otis' "Willie and The Hand Jive" with several, soulful and original compositions. It was here that Eric found HIS signature sound and created one of the true highlights of his amazing career.

On display in all of these songs is the loneliness and pain that surrounded his addiction. The Blues truly were a lifesaver for him ...and provided the springboard for the 30+ years that have followed. The album, 461 Ocean Boulevard, is full of passion and healing.

NOTE: the song lineup differs slightly between vinyl and CD, American and British versions. Take your pick :)

posted: September 2005.


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