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The second release from the power trio formed by former Allman Brother's band members, Warren Haynes and Allan Woody (along with drummer Matt Abts). At the time I wondered why Haynes would leave his position in the Allman Brothers but with this disc it is clear that he had something more to say.
(Note: Haynes is currently back playing with the Allman Brothers AND The Mule AND also as a solo artist.)

There is both power and finesse to this music, a dynamic light and shade created from the chemistry of the musicians and the elasticity of Hayne's songwriting. "Thorazine Shuffle" and "Towering Fool" are progressive, "I Shall Return" and (The Beatle's) "She Said, She Said" are soulful, "Raven Black Night" and "John the Revelator" are mysterious while "Blind Man in the Dark" and "Larger Than Life" are power trio heavy rock! Allan Woody passed away in 2000, which derailed the band for a while. But they are back now, continuing with bassist Andy Hess, and figure to be one of the finest bands of the upcoming years. To me, Dose is one of their best and most varied efforts so far.

posted: June 2004.


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