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REQUIRED LISTENING: a musician's personal notes about favorite artists.

And all the Colors...
This CD represents a maturity that's been brewing in Ian Moore's music for a decade. Truly an underated talent, Ian's proficiency as a guitarist, vocalist AND songwriter are almost without peer. His early work was in the Austin guitar hero mold but Ian Moore has since grown into a southern darkness that is all his own. The beauty of his falsetto, combined with the diversity of his guitar playing just blows my mind--MAN is this guy TALENTED! "Magdelena," "Fickle" and "Angelyne" are truly beautiful, soulFULL pieces while "Time Of Dying," "Leary's Gate" and "Float Away" are complex, harmonically challenging epics. Moore constantly changes mood, in a way that doesn't conform to the big hands of corporate radio.

NOTE: I recently picked up his acoustic DVD, Live from the Cactus Cafe and found myself mesmerized (to tears) by his performance. Anyone who can move you THAT much (with just guitar and voice) is something special.

posted: February 2004.


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