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REQUIRED LISTENING: a musician's personal notes about favorite artists.

Wander this World.
Jonny Lang is one of the great hopes existing in music today. The depth of feeling expressed in his music belies his young age and powers (in equal part) his impassioned singing and great guitar playing. Wander This World; is his second release and stands as my favorite Lang CD to date. "Second Guessing," "I am," "Breaking Me," and "Wander This World" are packed with soul and emotion. Jonny Lang has the kind of voice that jumps out of the speakers, shakes you up and stirs your soul. Lang makes it clear that there is only one way to go: all out, giving it EVERYTHING he has. The first time I saw him live (opening for the Rolling Stones), he blew me away. I found myself asking, "Who the Hell is THAT?" Here it is, years later and Jonny Lang continues to fill every show with sweat and conviction. It's raw, it's real and THAT's what the Blues needs to continue to thrive.

An extra bonus to this CD, is Lang's cover of Luther Allison's "Cherry Red Wine." We're in good hands with performers like Jonny Lang.

posted: November 2004.


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