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REQUIRED LISTENING: a musician's personal notes about favorite artists.

Til The Sun Turns Black.
Ray Lamontagne's voice envelopes your soul like a whisper in the night. Til The Sun Turns Black is the second major release from a new beacon in acoustic music. Ray Lamontagne's music is sparse, held together by a wilty voice and introspective words. There is a solemness to Lamontagne's songs that clearly comes from way down deep inside.

Some of my favorite songs from this CD include the jazzy "You Can Bring Me Flowers"; the cosmic "Be Here Now"; the bluesy "Three More Days" and the mournful "Empty."

Ray Lamontagne wears a thin veil over his soul. It is a testament to the fact that if you play music with conviction and REALness, it will be effective in whatever direction you choose. This quality ensures Ray Lamontagne a long career.

posted: December 2006.


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