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REQUIRED LISTENING: a musician's personal notes about favorite artists.

Exile on Main Street.
This album may not be an artistic masterpiece but it has that something intangible which makes the Rolling Stones so great and also, why I (and millions around the world) admire them so much. They had fun making this record, you can hear it and that's part of what defines the Stones. They touch on a LOT of different genres within this one collection of songs. The Blues: "Stop Breaking Down," "Ventilator Blues," and "Shake Your Hips." Soul/Gospel: "Shine A Light," "Tumbling Dice," along with "Let It Loose." Sleazy Rock: "Rip This Joint," "Rocks Off," plus "All Down The Line." Country: "Torn And Frayed" and "Sweet Virginia." The early 70s were surely the golden age of this band -- Mick Taylor played the perfect foil to Keith Richards. Exile on Main Street is (arguably) their finest album and a perfect example of why the Stones are what they are.

NOTE: They got their name from Muddy Water's song "Rolling Stone."

posted: October 2003.


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