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REQUIRED LISTENING: a musician's personal notes about favorite artists.

Seal IV.
I have long been a fan of Seal's vision. The lushness of his music and the beauty of his voice puts him near the top of the heap for the last decade. Seal IV was released in 2003, after many inner questions. Seal reportedly recorded a completely different CD but decided not to release it and put together this one instead. Seal IV was worth the wait and stands as the finest of his four discs.

There is an enveloping quality to some of the best songs on the CD. "Don't Make Me Wait," "Heavenly (Good Feeling)" and "Loneliest Star" have a classic elegance and a thick production (that doesn't feel overdone). "Get It Together," "Waiting For You" and "Let Me Roll" balance beauty out with a funky groove.

I am always struck with Seal's vocal ability in that I can't imagine a better vocal than the one he has created (for any of his songs). In fact, I can't think of one voice with a greater aesthetic than the one within Seal. For those who haven't found his music, Seal IV is a great place to begin.

posted: October 2006.


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