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REQUIRED LISTENING: a musician's personal notes about favorite artists.

Don't Give Up On Me.
Meet Solomon Burke: "the King of Rock and Soul." Man I could write a book about this CD. I've known of Solomon Burke's music for years ("Cry To Me" has long been a favorite). After reading reviews of this CD, I went to six different stores trying to find it! The pilgrimage was well worth it as this record is probably my favorite of the last five years. It's packed full of new songs written by the likes of Van Morrison, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Nick Lowe and Brian Wilson (among others). The simple arrangements provide the perfect foil for Solomon Burkes unbelievable voice. "Flesh and Blood" would give anyone chills, the way it goes as deep as humanly possible (in voice and understanding). "Sit This One Out," "The Other Side of the Coin," "Don't Give Up On Me," and "Soul Searching" are instant classics. Producer Joe Henry should be commended for letting Burke follow the muse. If you don't own this album...life isn't as good as it could be.

posted: July 2003.


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