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Welcome to my songwriter library, wherein reside some of my most prized possessions.

My philosophy about songwriting goes like this: the songs are out there and you're an just gotta grab as many as you can and make them real. My apologies, but songs samples (free downloadable .mp3s) for EVERY song aren't included...because there are way too many of them. I will, however, be changing the samples in and out on an irregular check back often!

If you follow this list (below), you'll see that I occasionally redo a song from the past. A lot of times, upon further listening, you can really see what you were going for and make it happen. <btw> If you're interested in any of these, just send an email. I own the copyright and am the author for every song listed below, unless otherwise noted.

Original blues-influenced electric guitar rock!

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  3000 miles away
About my baby
Ain't nothing but a heartbreak
Alibi road
All the love I have to give
Altered states*
Always be your friend
Always touch and go
And I drift away
Angels fear to tread
Another lost world
Awakening, The* NEW!
[ Brain ] storm chaser*
Back where you belong
Bad love hanging around NEW!
Before you came along
Best is yet to come, The
Best love out of you
Best part of a man
Best things in life are free NEW!
Better from the inside
Better leave home
Big empty, The
Blinded by the sun
Bling! Bling!*
Blown on heaven's wind
Boo yah*
Broken in two
Broken mirror
Can't let go
Caught inside a storm NEW!
Cavorting beasties*
Change is good for you, A
Changed man
Chipping away
Colata* NEW!
Come of age
Crashing inside
Crossing the line of grey
Dead end lover
December sky*
Depth of deception*
Don't fade away
Don't let the rain fall on me
Don't stay away so long
Don't tell me it's over
Double-crossing baby
Down to the ocean

Dragged down by your hand

Dream away
Dreaming in silence
Drowned inside your soul
Easy on my soul
Easy way out
Enlightenment, The* NEW!
Eternal flame
Evil on your mind

Face in the mirror

Face I show to you, The

Faith inside of you
Falling from grace
Favorite star
Feast or famine*
Finer points of love, The
Fool to care
For all that I know
Forgotten child*
Forgotten rose*
Fountain (You don't
need me anymore)
Freudian dream* NEW!
Galloping ghost*
Game, The
Get me satisfied NEW!
Give it time
Giver (parts I & II), The* NEW!

Gonna get back to you

Gonna take a little more time
Gotta change the rules
Gypsy woman
Happy soul*
Healing, The
Help me baby
Help me I'm dreaming
High & dry
Hold on 'til the morning comes NEW!
Holding back the fire
Holding out another day
I can dream
I can't get away
I can't wait no more
I can't wait to feel your love
(I do) the best that I can
I won't see you in the morning
I'm still breathing

I'm what's best for you

I've seen it all
If ever
If I ever get to heaven
If I were a stranger
If love is real
If you could only slip away
(If you stumble) you must stand tall
In the shadow of love
In the weeds
In the wind* NEW!
InterStella* NEW!
Into the groove
Is there nothing I can do?
It ain't what it seems
It chills me
It don't change for me
It don't mean a thing
It hurts me to say NEW!
It'll get back to you
Just an emotion
Just giving in
Just tell me why
Just waiting for my time
Knocking at your door
Labyrinth* NEW!
Lazy day
Leave it behind
Let it all go
Liars moon
Life by the crutch
Like a river
Like a whisper
Little love to help me through
Little more time, A
Little place to hide, A
Lonesome blues
Long way from home
Looking back through the years
Looking out my window
loss was yours, The
Love on the moon
Love spinning round
Loving in my heart
Magnolia Sky*
Make me a believer
Make it REAL
Middleman NEW!
Midnight street*
Misery loves company
More to me
Morning sun
Mr. Caveman* NEW!
Much too late to say good-bye
My life walking out the door
My own way
Mystery rider
Never getting far
Never going down again NEW!
Night blindness*
No rhyme or reason
Nothing is easy
Ocean of doubt
On empty
Open road to ruin
Out of range
Over and through*
Over my head
Pi(e) song*
Pi(e) song (reprised)*
Pie in the sky*
Pieces of my heart
Price of love, The
Prove it to me
Putting me through changes
Rearview mirror
Reason, The
Reason for leaving*
Reckless love
Redemption song
Righteous beezer*
River runs dry
Road to forever
Run to fear
Running at shadows
Scent of rain
Searching for a cure
Season's wind
Seasons of wonderment*
See what love can do
She's got the moves
Show me light
Sinking like a stone
Slow burn
Spirit of love* NEW!
Something in your eyes
Something outta nothing
Something's wrong
Sometimes I wonder NEW!
Sometimes you win,
sometimes you lose
Spanish mistress*
Steam train
Steppin' across the line
Stripping away
Sucker for a good time
Such a long time ago
Sweet dreams
Take what you need
Talk to me
Talking love
Tearing me down
Tell me you want me
Texas twister* NEW!
There must be a better way
They just don't understand
Think about love
This bridge is gonna burn
This time you've gone too far
To make it through NEW!
Too far to go (to prove myself to you)
Tree NEW!
Trick of the light
Trying to get back home
Turbulent moon*
Turn and walk away
Twisting in the wind
Under blood red skies
Under your spell
Voyeur* NEW!
Waited so long
Waiting for a new world
Walkin' in the rain
Wave runner* NEW!
Wearing down
Weight of the world, The
What comes after the rain NEW!
What we're hiding from
Whatcha do for love
Wheels are turning
When I'm gone
When the devil comes for you
When the love is gone
When you've had enough
When your eyes no longer lie
Whenever I think of you
Whenever the wind blows
Where's my bloody vindaloo, hippy?*
Why can't I make you understand?
Why do I feel this way?
Wild rose
Will I be alone?
Wing and a prayer
Winter song
World spins round and round
Wrecking ball
Wrong side of the hill NEW!
You bring me love
You can hide here from the storm
You don't believe in me
You go your way, I'll go mine
You gotta love me
You got low
You left me standing in the rain
You make me wanna dream
You should go
You're no good for me
You're not alone
You're still running away NEW!
Your internal hotel NEW!
*instrumental piece.

"These songs are my children." -- Gary Eisenbraun.

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