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A simultaneous trilogy...
Liar's Moon and Turbulent Moon have been joined by Moon-shine, the third CD in a simultaneous trilogy with one release date (to be announced). Each CD focuses on a different aspect of my musical being (electric rock, instrumental and acoustic). The packaging for Liar's Moon is completed and we are getting ready to start Moon-shine next! I am really excited about this. Will post more as it becomes available.

The annual online Christmas card has been posted, click here. The card also contains a new Christmas song (as usual <g>), this year it's: Even Santa Gets the Blues. hahaha (Or should I say, "Ho! Ho! Ho!"?) The song is 5.5 MB so be patient with the download. A personal greeting is also available.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Have a GREAT Kwanzaa and/or Festivus! Whatever! However! Have a happy one!

posted: Dec. 18, 2006.
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Liar's Moon AND Turbulent Moon be released this fall.
We've just finished putting a myspace page together -- click here to access the myspace page.

As for the band, that hasn't quite worked out yet. Putting a band together is kind of like dating but with more people involved. That makes it difficult. Especially when original music is your chosen path. It will happen, just (apparently) not right now.

At this moment I am taking a break from the madness and putting together a new CD. Actually two CDs: Liar's Moon, rock 'n roll AND Turbulent Moon, an instrumental...for simultaneous release late this fall. All of the songs have been written and the initial recordings made for both. And, we've already taken the photo shoot and have posted a few choice picts in the photo gallery. That's what inspired Chris to put together the myspace page <lol>: the new photos. Anyway. Stay tuned, audio samples coming soon. PLUS, you can always suscribe to the myspace blog for details, too.

posted: August 8, 2006.
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Update in progress...
New photos posted from the recent photo shoot. I'll update the news later this week.

posted: June 4, 2006.
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Annual Christmas e-card posted online.
The annual Christmas card (and .mp3 Christmas song) has been posted online, click here to access the studio e-card. <btw> Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Have a GREAT Kwanzaa and/or Festivus!

I have some potentially really good news to post, stay tuned as new things could possibly be posted on the website between now and the beginning of the new year (new band, new CD, new photos, etc. ).

posted: December 20, 2005.
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Chris Whitley: 1960-2005.
On November 20th we lost a remarkable talent. Chris Whitley took music down to its barest elements to grab every ounce of emotion out of it. He'll probably never get the acclaim he deserves but to me, and his very loyal fans, his music will live in our hearts forever.

If you've never heard his music, take the time because it is worth the journey. Our culture can't afford to loose these people any more.

Click here for a previous "Required Listening" review of Chris Whitley's music.
Click here for Chris Whitley's website.

posted: November 22, 2005.
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I've come up with a new song that just HAD to be put on the new CD ("It Hurts Me to Say" is the name of the new song) so this will push back the release date to January 2006. I would say, "I promise" but I've seen too many dorky commercials with that line recently.

I also decided that I'm going to put out two versions of the CD: one a full 80 minutes and one that is slightly shorter (only 10 or 11 songs). Common wisdom says that 80 minutes is just too long but I have a lot of material that I feel good that is why I'm releasing two versions: a common wisdom cut and ...mine.

I'm, also, currently in contact with some potential band mates to start taking this music to the people. But this is still in the meet & greet stage so stay tuned.

posted: November 8, 2005
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I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. My newest CD, "Fountain", has gone through a revision. Upon listening to it I felt that the music needed more colors so I added several additional songs to make it my most AMBITIOUS work to date! It's (basically) a double CD on a single disk: 79 minutes 22 seconds.

We're tying up some loose ends and it should be ready to go soon. Thanks for your patience!

posted: September 2005
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ANNOUNCING "Instrumentality II"!
Finally after a very long wait, everything is done and we've posted the newest instrumental CD, "Instrumentality II." Click here for instrumental audio clips/mp3s -- GREAT listening for those crazy summer afternoons <g>.

Also, stay tuned for "Fountain," which is nearly completed. This CD features a collection of original rock 'n roll songs. We JUST completed the preliminary photo shoot for the cover art and the CD is in final stages of production. However, the last song is still under debate. I'll let you know more as I know more...

I'm also wrapping up another side project of original sleazy blues tunes with a couple of friends. Busy, busy :)

posted: July 2005
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The CD artwork for "Instrumentality II" is going through a second revision, Chris says it shouldn't be much longer now. I hope to have REALLY good news to post next month about this :) In the meantime, another collection of songs is in production. The songs are mostly written and the CD is in the recording stage right now. I'm ALSO recording another project (of sleazy blues songs). In other words, I'm DEFinitely keeping busy. Stay tuned, more next month.

<btw> We've decided to keep the special prices on all of the CDs, our way of saying "Thanks" to everyone supporting the indie music scene. SUPPORT THE ARTS

posted: May 2005
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Sorry for the long stint of incomunicadoness, the last couple of months have been VERY hectic (but very rewarding too). Centered in this time has been the (first time) purchase of a new house. Jeez what a nerve wracking experience! The studio is finally back up and you can expect "Instrumentality II" to be released sometime SOON, with more stuff to follow. Thanks for your patience.

posted: Februrary 2005
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"I put the blues in everything I do, so that I know (even if no one else does) that I have one foot on the path." --Eric Clapton.

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