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Christmas 2010.
Go to: The Eisenbraun Christmas Card for links to the free mp3 AND YouTube video.

Happy Holidays.
Gary :)

posted: Dec. 2010.
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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc.
This is JUST a quick note: Chris will be working on the "Second Wind" music website>right after the holidays are over. We'll post the url as soon as it's up, locked and loaded :) The artwork IS completed, it's just a matter of finding the time to get everything done. Of course, you know that I am ALREADY working on the next one. Anyway. Cheers.

PLUS: we've belatedly posted the annual Christmas card online AND the annual Christmas song. This one is a la James Brown and was a LOT of fun to do. Listen, download ...enjoy.

Happy Holidays.
Gary :)

posted: Dec. 29 , 2009.
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A Ghost from the past and a NEW Second Wind...
I can't believe the myspace page was more up-to-date than my website. Argh. That's really bad. I've just been REALLY busy. While Chris was putting together the artwork for "Ghost Notes" and the new website, I was working on ANOTHER CD. What can I say. LOL. So, YES, "Ghost Notes" was completed AND posted. You can download the FREE mp3s here. Go! Get them!

As for the new CD (which IS completed)....

It's called "Second Wind." The CD was almost a year in the making (which is an extrordinary amount of time ...for me). The muse really hit hard this time and before I knew it, I had about 30 songs. It was a difficult job culling them down to a mere dozen. In fact, there were about seven songs that I felt just couldn't be left behind we are thinking of adding a bonus CD to the final package. I'll let you know.

I really am VERY proud of this collection of songs. The CD should be available later this year. Stay tuned.

BTW: D minor really IS the saddest of all keys. LOL.

posted: June 26, 2009.
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Ghost Hunting!
Another new cd is coming. Although the cd was completely finished (almost a year ago), I've upgraded my recording equipment since then. This, kinda, made Ghost Notes ...obsolete. So I shelved THAT release but not the idea. I've actually kept three or four songs from the original and added a whole bunch of new, original rock 'n roll songs. My problem right now? I have too many songs. So, I have some hard decisions to make. BIGtime. Either way, in the next month or two the cd should be re-completed, with a soon-to-be-announced release date. Stay tuned.

Don't forget: FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS >> direct from the musician. Totally legal :: three cds :: free downloads :) Enjoy.

posted: June 01, 2008.
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FREE downloads of songs >> direct from the musician
The NEW CD(s) website is finally up! AGAIN. Chris decided that feedback dictated a tad bit of tweaking. It really is MUCH better now (and that was one hell of a tweak <g>). But it was a LOT of work and an arduous task we celebrated with a VERY fine bottle of wine. An Australian Shiraz if you must know. Go to: to download ANY of the songs from the 3 CDs.

This is my "simultaneous trilogy" the release of all 3 at the same time (a rock cd, an acoustic cd AND an instrumental). And all of the songs are available for free LEGAL mp3 download :) Enjoy! Gary :)

My songs. My choice: Free music downloads. Enjoy.

posted: March 06, 2008.
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The final proofs are being put together for the three CDs <sheesh>. Samples have been posted on the myspace page. I'm waiting for the final product for the website.

Talking about website, we are putting together a small sub-website for the trilogy. I hear there might be some animation included <g>. Will let you know when I know more.

posted: July 05 , 2007.
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Yes, it IS 2007
Sorry it's been so long. I hate looking at other band websites and WAITING for them to update theirs. Damn! Anyway...

The three CDs are coming, a little later than expected. We are currently on the artwork for number 2 (Moonshine, the acoustic one). I've posted a couple of songs and artwork demos on the myspace page.

What's taking so long? In addition to the THREE CDs (artwork and all), we are also planning on building a small website to promote the trilogy. SO... we'll keep you updated, just check back.

posted: March 28, 2007.
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"I put the blues in everything I do, so that I know (even if no one else does) that I have one foot on the path." --Eric Clapton.

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