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Target date: sometime in February (2012)!
Next week we start putting together the video bits for "Always Been A Rolling Stone". We shot the last sequences in mid December at Fort DeSoto Beach (Florida). This video is a new song off of the "Just An Emotion" CD (to be released sometime in February). Altogether we are planning to put THREE videos together for this CD release. We'll see if it happens (keep in mind there are only two of us doing ALL OF THIS). LOL.

As for the holidays, hope yours were merry. For me, the holidays are a BIG time when I lock myself away and get to write new music. This year's haul was particularly abundant: 12-14 new songs (on top of the 17 that were already ready to go for the next album). SOOOO..., I have a LOT to choose from. Right now I am overwhelmed by the amount of material in the hopper (and that is NOT a bad problem to have). This is the hard part.

And, between Chris and I, we are getting the old CD FINALIZED and I am getting SERIOUS about the new one. Really. After all, this is the SECOND update on the website is less than 30 days!!! Happy New Year.

Stay tuned.
Gary Eisenbraun :)

posted: Jan. 06, 2012.
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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!
The new Christmas card (and free download of the 2011 Christmas song) is now available! Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus, etc.

Now, onto the important stuff: "Just An Emotion" is in the final stages. Photo shoots are done, picts have been chosen, videos are being shot and the new CD website is BEGINNING to be constructed.

"Just An Emotion" consists of a number of older songs that I felt just hadn't hit their mark so I took another shot at them. There are also a few new songs included in the set. I'll keep you updated. BTW: keep an eye on the facebook and youtube pages as I'm trying to update all over the place and don't always get to all of them QUICKLY (since I'm also trying to MAKE MUSIC).

Artist note: another CD is nearing completion stages. LOL. So far, I've completed 17 songs and am working a few more up.

Stay tuned.
Gary Eisenbraun :)

posted: Dec. 21, 2011.
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LOTSA News stuff...
Hello everybody. YES, it's been a long time but, (hopefully) your patience will be rewarded :) Biggest news? Several new releases are complete (or nearing completion). Here are the cliff notes...

First to come will be a double CD release: Under the Howling Wind and Under the Clear Blue Sky. First mentioned is a hard rocking vocal disc, the latter is a guitar instrumental excursion. Twenty-five BRAND NEW tracks in total. We're currently having a small difficulty with the CD packaging (if it isn't one thing, it's another). It should be OUT "soon". This one is WAY overdue and we are SO BEHIND here....

After this, thirty of my BEST songs, in new re-recorded version will see the light of day. The music is done. The CD artwork/design process has not yet begun.

Also, a THIRD release is IN PRODUCTION. I've recorded about half of this one and feel like these are some of my BEST SONGS TO DATE.

AND, a new video component will be added to the site. My god, we are even considering opening up a face book account. Better late than never, eh? Sheesh. It should be fun stuff so a WOO HOO is in order.
Gary Eisenbraun :)

posted: March 28, 2011.
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RIP: Gary Moore.
I am DEEPLY saddened to hear of the passing of one of my ABSOLUTE idols. I knew that I idolized this lone Irish guitar player COMPLETELY, ...but even I didn't realize HOW MUCH.

Gary Moore had a profound effect on my playing style (as only one or two other guitar players have). He was both technically awesome with the guitar AND deeply soulfull in his playing. I JUST found myself listening to "The Prophet" (Back to the Blues) and found myself mesmerized by the beauty of the composition. Gary Moore often had this effect on me (whether he was playing blues or hard rock). His soul ALWAYS shone through his playing.

Gary Moore wasn't sitting on laurels, his playing was ALWAYS improving. He just kept getting BETTER. I'm sad that I never got to see him live (because he rarely played in the US).

I've been a fan of his for nearly 30 years. And I will always be a fan of Gary Moore.

RIP man,
Gary Eisenbraun.

posted: Feb. 07, 2011.
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"I put the blues in everything I do, so that I know (even if no one else does) that I have one foot on the path." --Eric Clapton.

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